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About Us

Native Canadian Centre of Toronto is a membership-based, charitable organization located in the heart of downtown Toronto in a beautifully renovated heritage building. NCCT offers a wide range of programs and services based on Indigenous cultural traditions and teachings. All are welcome.


Since 1962 the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto has been a key meeting place for all people, of all nations, from across Canada and all over the world. As Toronto’s oldest Indigenous community organization and one of the original Friendship Centres in Canada, the NCCT provides social, recreational, cultural and spiritual services for the Indigenous community and visitors alike.


To provide a welcoming space for all and deliver innovative programs and services reflecting traditional Indigenous cultural perspectives.


To maintain an inclusive environment where Indigenous people can connect to their ancestry and all people can explore the value of Indigenous knowledge.


A world that appreciates the true value of Indigenous knowledge, a community which embraces its place in that world, and a self-sufficient Centre that enables it all.


Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth

Strategic Priorities

• Develop new, sustainable, innovative programs that promote Indigenous knowledge
• Increase revenue sources to the centre to support innovative community programming
• Increase the visibility of the Centre to drive Centre usage and participation in the Centre’s programming
• Build new partnerships to support our objectives and increase the maturity of our programming offers