Indigenous Cultural Competency Training

The Indigenous Cultural Competency Training is a platform to establish a process of promoting cultural competency for Indigenous relations within Canada. The facilitation is delivered in a sensitive, respectful manner to address complex-issues from a historical narrative that is inclusive to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous attendees.

The training is designed for agencies, organizations, institutions to build a foundational awareness of Indigenous peoples and enhance self-awareness. Through experiential learning the delivery of the training is inclusive within a group based setting to promote dialogue and create a safe space to discuss topics which relate to Indigenous peoples.

Topics Covered

– Overview of terminology and definitions regarding Indigenous people of Canada;
– Provide statistics and demographical information beneficial to service providers who service Indigenous people within Canada;
– Historical Events regarding Pre-Confederate/Post-Confederate relations specific to Canadian History;
– Discuss impacts on cultural identity through key historical events such as the Indian Act, Residential School System and the Sixties Scoop;
– Distinguish between contemporary context of on-reserve and off-reserve experiences;
– Discuss current issues and socio-economic conditions impacting Indigenous People presently;
– Address Stereotypes and Misconceptions of Indigenous People within Canada;
– Promote awareness of Trauma-informed perspectives to better understand historical, inter-generational, and complex trauma;
– Highlight the many contributions Indigenous peoples of Canada have provide within the social fabric of Canadian History;
– Promote awareness of Cultural Competency to assist with individual and organizational growth and development.

By attending the session it is with intent of Native Canadian Centre of Toronto (NCCT) that information and dialogue established within the setting will promote change within the individual, workplace, organization and community. It is of great interest of NCCT to be advocates for change, challenge status-quo and foster healthy relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of our community.

For more information on the Indigenous Cultural Competency Training, group session availability and fee schedule, please contact Michael Etherington – Cultural Program Manager at 416-964-9087 ext 315 or via-email at:

Interested in attending a session as an individual or smaller group? Please buy a ticket/s here for our  March 8th 2018 workshop.