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The NCCT’s Christmas Artisan Market was established to: 

  • support and represent the market, community, health and family;
  • manage and operate a sustainable, self-supporting community market;
  • support and promote a sustainable and vibrant local indigenous market by providing an outlet for the sale of locally-grown and locally-produced indigenous products, and by educating the community about it’s heritage and culture today;
  • support and encourage the arts by providing an outlet for the sale of artisan crafts and other fine art products, and opportunities for local musicians and other entertainers to perform; and,
  • create a positive experience for people who come to market, and to provide opportunities for local non-profit groups to tell their community story, contributing to a sense of community.


NCCT’s Christmas Artisan Market will operate in The Native Canadian Centre’s Auditorium from 11 am-4 pm for 3 consecutive Sundays

  • Dec. 4th
  • Dec. 11th
  • Dec. 18th


The NCCT’s Christmas Artisan Market follows and enforces a “Make it, Bake it, Grow it, Catch it” policy.

FARM, FISH & WILD HARVEST: fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and other agricultural and horticultural products, dairy products, fish, shellfish, meats, as well as food items that are made by the vendor from raw ingredients.

PREPARED FOOD: Processed foods generally prepared for off-site consumption, such as baked goods, jam, sauces etc.

FOOD SERVICE: prepared by the vendor, generally for consumption at the Market.

CRAFT & ARTISAN: All crafts must be handcrafted and approved by the Market Manager, the NCCT committee and the jury committee. No items may be added to your table after the jury process. If you wish to introduce a new item for sale please contact the Market Manager. NCCT reserves the right to decline or limit products as they see fit. The Market Manager has the discretion to immediately remove any craft item that he/she considers objectionable. The Board of Directors must review the Manager’s decision within 30 days and make an official ruling on the matter.

Commercially made products will NOT be permitted. Definition of commercial products:

  • Items imported (i.e. made in China, Japan etc.)
  • Items imported for charity purposes
  • Items manufactured & or commercially sold.

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