First Name Last Name Job Title Email EXT Department
Executive Office
Larry Frost Executive Director 324 Executive Office
Elisabeth Pohl Executive Assistant 323 Executive Office
Robin Jacko Receptionist  300  Reception
Cedar Basket Gift Shop
Tracey Jobin Manager, Cedar Basket 335 Cedar Basket
Victoria Ashawasegai Sales Associate 335 Cedar Basket
Natasza Orozco – Feick Sales Associate 335 Cedar Basket
Amy Rochard Sales Associate 335 Cedar Basket
Culture Department
Michael Etherington Manager,  Culture 315 Culture
Maria Montejo Dodem Khanonsha Manager Culture
Dawn Antone Mohawk/Oneida Language Instructor 315 Culture
Sakoieta Wakathahionni Mohawk Language Instrcutor 315 Culture
Alex Jacobs Ojibway Language Instructor 315 Culture
Susan Hunter Cree Language Instructor 315 Culture
Stella Walker Interim Cree Language Instructor 315 Culture
ENAGB Youth 
Cynthia Bell Manager, ENAGB Youth Program 235 ENAGB
Kirk Hodgson ENAGB Case Manager 228 ENAGB
Carol Summers ENAGB Case Manager 227 ENAGB
Alyssa Luttenberger Youth Program Coordinator 326 ENAGB
Edward Cyr ENAGB WaazhiNaakii Work Coordinator 224 ENAGB
ENAGB Youth House
Jennifer Upshaw Team Leader ENAGB House
Ian Akiwenzie Housing Support Worker ENAGB House
Michael Amos Housing Support Worker ENAGB House
Tanis Desjarlais Housing Support Worker ENAGB House
Anthony Upshaw Housing Support Worker ENAGB House
Amy Tang Financial Controller  319 Finance
Bonnie Matthews Manager, Operations 343 Operations
Jared Bone Membership and Rentals Administrator 307 Operations
Jason Bowers Maintenance Operations
Samantha Jourdain Peace Keeper Operations
Kevin Kaler Kitchen Coordinator 330 Operations
Gwen Lane Kitchen Assistant 330 Operations
Fred Martin Communications and Referrals Officer 339 Operations
Paul McLeod Marketplace Coordinator 245 Operations
Lise Wesley Maintenance Operations
Seniors Department
Caroline Francis Seniors Program Case Manager 400 Seniors Program
Karen Ashawasegai PSW 303 Seniors Program
Eliza Jackson PSW 328 Seniors Program
Tracey Lewis PSW 346 Seniors Program
Patricia Morningstar PSW 336 Seniors Program
Lindsay Rivers PSW 317 Seniors Program
Tim Sakekeep PSW 302 Seniors Program
Helen Parker Seniors Program Reassurance Worker 310 Seniors Program
Christine Lynn Community Health Navigator 243 Seniors Program
Crystal Schuster Seniors Program Support Worker 301 Seniors Program
Kari Wrightson Outreach Support Worker 311 Seniors Program
Bob Solomon Medical Driver 309 Seniors Program