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As part of Wapikoni Mobile’s first-ever coast-to-coast tour, Wapikoni – Cinema on Wheels will stop in various communities and urban centres across the country over the next few months. The projection van is on the road to help bridge the gap between the East and the West by showing a selection of amazing short films directed by Indigenous youth. These are YOUR stories! Help us get the word out and book a free screening in YOUR community.

Cinema on Wheels offers three distinct programmes of shorts films that were selected in prestigious film festivals such as Sundance, the Toronto International Film Festival, the Montreal International Documentary Festival, the Cannes Film Market, etc.: the general public (14 shorts), the teen (10 shorts) and the youth 7-12 (8 shorts) programmes. Witness the flowering of a new generation of talented young Indigenous filmmakers, learn about other cultures and participate in a discussion about Indigenous films and realities with the projectionists-facilitators. The choice of these works, with their unique stories, is aimed at discovering dynamic Indigenous voices and incredible talents coming straight from the communities.

Wapikoni Mobile is an Indigenous organization that sends fully-equipped mobile audiovisual studios to First Nations communities throughout Canada and the world. Each year, 80 short films and 30 musical works are produced during our month-long stops. Our collection consists of roughly 1,000 short films and 600 musical recordings made over the course of the last 12 years, which won 148 awards. And we want to share this incredible amount of Indigenous cultural heritage with everyone.

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WHO… can host a screening?

You, your friends, your family or your community. Just invite us into your community and spread the word!

WHAT… exactly is Wapikoni offering?

Cinema on wheels arrives to your community with everything they need to do an outdoor screening, all we need is for you to set the location. We can also do theatrical or indoor screenings if you can provide a free venue. Our projectionists-facilitators will set everything up and introduce the films. Post-screening discussions are more than welcome and we encourage you to bring forward community members who can help facilitate these discussions.

We offer three different programmes: general public (14 shorts), teens (8 shorts) and youth ages 7-12 (8 shorts).  We can also cater to your community’s needs by adapting our program to your specific interests.

WHEN… are the screenings?

We are still taking bookings. Just contact us!

Here’s our rough calendar:

April-May 2017: BC
May-June 2017: Alberta-Saskatchewan
June-July: Manitoba
July-August: Ontario
September-October: Quebec
October-November: Maritimes

HOW can I book?

All we need is an invitation from your community. Any help in contacting other communities or leaders in your area is always appreciated. All our screenings are self-contained and set up by our team members. All you need is to invite us and we’ll set the whole thing in motion. You just need to help us find a venue/location and to spread the word.

All screenings are FREE and funded by the Government of Canada through Canadian Heritage.

Set this in motion
by contacting Jocelyn Piirainen tourcommunications@wapikoni.ca 438-390-4351
Watch our films: 

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