Children’s Indigenous Language Led Programming – Planting seeds in the Early Years!

Niigaan-naamjige: (Vision)

A’ambe kina wiyaa kinomoowaadaa gezhi aanishnaabemot, shki-binoodjiinsak, gitziimwaan miinwa gezhaadgejik.

(Revitalize our first languages, starting with the babies, parents, and caregivers.)

Gezhidj-gayong : (Mission)

Weweni kaa zhitoonaan kinoomage mazinagan, waa nagaadooyong mooshkin wii kinoomaageyong.

(Focus on delivering a program developed for total emersion in our languages.)

About our Program

-A child focused language initiative for revitalization of our culture through the First Languages!

-Child-focused Language led programming

-Early Childhood Education and Child Development designed curriculum professional

-Early Years child development designed for children from ages 0-6.

-Indigenous Language Instructors sharing their knowledge of language through teachable moments and language led programming. Developed by Early Childhood Educators.

-Fostering healthy early learning experiences to language, family and culture in an educational setting with “How Does Learning Happen” and ‘ELECT’ an Early Childhood Pedagogy promoting healthy Early Learning.

-Driven to give children, parents and caregivers healthy foundations and connections to language and culture through Indigenous language led programming.

For more information please contact Lindsay Hachey, Children’s Indigenous Language Coordinator at or 416-964-9087 X271. 

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