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Aaniin my name is Wesley George Havill, Im Ojibway, Eagle clan, from Batchewana First Nation, Sault Ste. Marie. Most of my work showcases Nature and Animals with Native Influence. I Carve Moose, Deer,  Elk Antler, wood, Domestic and Imported. I am also  an Artist blacksmith and work with copper and steel. – Read More

Jackie Esquimaux-Hamlin – Red Sky Candles

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Offering unique flavors of honey we have created a variety of infused honeys using cedar, sage, birch, cranberries and other herbs and spices. The beeswax candles and beeswax art themes are inspired by nature, seasonal celebrations and cross-cultural interests. – Read More

Bella Lafontaine – Buttercup Cree-ations

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We offer a variety of unique handmade items from Gemstones, Necklaces, Earrings and Dream catchers to Painted Deer shoulder blades and Hand Drum Bags. It is through recognizing the beliefs and values of Indigenous culture that life is given to each creation. – Read More

Deborah Aaron – Giizhigat Maple Products

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Both Deborah and Isaac’s families have been making maple syrup for generations. For us, it is not just about making maple syrup. The maple syrup is an avenue to provide an income so that Isaac can fulfil his vision to build Rainbow Thunder Star Mountain Teaching Lodge, a place where all colours of man can come to learn the teachings, learn how to reconnect to Mother Earth, and thereby learn about their true purpose in life, where we can learn how to become real human beings again. – Read More

Charles Catchpole – ChargerFoods

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I am an Anishinaabe chef originally from Couchiching First Nation but residing in Toronto. I produce and sell a line of unique hot sauces, preserves and salad dressings. – Read More

Trip Phoenix – SunHeart Rises Designs

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SunHeart Rises Designs is owned and operated by Indigenous artisan Trip Phoenix. We specialize in traditional and contemporary Indigenous jewelry and accessories made from leather, bone, horn, glass, shell, and other natural materials. Based in Toronto, Ontario. – Read More


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In addition to painting, Jay is a clothing designer, spending spring through fall on the powwow trail showcasing his art and apparel. – Read More

Kelsie Young – Dream Webs Dreamcatchers & House Blessing

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Hi! I’m Kelsie Young, owner and indigenous artist of Dream Webs – Dreamcatchers & Spiritual Shop. Dream Webs is a fusion of my education in Eastern healing with my cultural indigenous roots. The goal of Dream Webs is to help the world sleep well & live better. – Read More

Bryan Towers – “B” ‘s Native flutes

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Native American Flutes hand crafted by Bryan Towers. I am a registered member of the Six Nations Haudenosaunee from the Cayuga Nation
Born in Hamilton Ontario Canada currently living in Stoney Creek Ontario I am a 61 year old Native American flute maker. I started my flute making journey in 2009. I am a student of the wood and the wood is always teaching me more.- Read More

Pandora – Mulberry Design & Engravings

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Mulberry Design & Engravings is a custom laser cutting and engraving business operating on the unseeded territory of The Mississauga’s of the Credit First Nations alongside the Haldimand Tract in Linwood Ontario.

Our business offers custom laser cutting and engraving services, with a focus on the creation of Early Learning Resources featuring the traditional dialects of our First Nations & Métis communities across Turtle Island. – Read More

Courtney Cada – r0cketcat

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Local Indigenous Toronto artist that specializes in Japanese Anime. Designing small trinkets such as buttons, hard enamel pins, vinyl stickers, small and large prints and acrylic charms. My main medium is digital, but I can also do traditional, ranging from watercolor paints to alcohol-based markers. – Read More

Deb Enoch – i Bead with Deb E

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iBead with Deb E provides traditional beadwork such as moccasins, earrings, card holders and hair accessories. Also provides beading workshops and currently provides workshops with the Yukon Government’s treatment centre. Loving and learning traditional beading, one bead at at time. – Read More

Joanne Charette – Nish Genuine Creations

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I love to create wearable art; it is very methodical and stress reliving. I take joy in helping others create their vision. I pride myself on superior handcrafted, one of kind works using multi-textiles (embroidery, appliqué, leather and beads). – Read More

Joseph Sagaj – Independent Canadian Indigenous Artist

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Joseph is Anishnaabe of the Sturgeon Clan from the remote community of Neskantaga, 433 km northeast of Thunder Bay, Ontario. He graduated in Fine Arts at the Ontario College of Art & Design in 1985. – Read More

Michael Haitse – CHAGA DOG

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Conceived in Shebahonaning born in the GTA!! Just like the First Lady of Chaga Dog Miss Guinness. There are a lot of companies who have used the Chaga mushroom to benefit the health of Humans, but what about our Four Legged Family! CHAGA DOG! – Read More

adina azhar – Toronto Small Shop

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Hi, my name is Adina I am the designer and owner of TorontoSmallShop. I am an Art Student, and have a passion for helping and showing support to underrepresented communities.
TorontoSmallShop creates T-Shirts, pins and more in the future in support of different communities along with other fun designs everyone can enjoy throughout the year. – Read More

Sarah George – Wearable Art

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Unique designs inspired by my original paintings this apparel line is produced on high-end clothing made in Canada. – Read More

Cedar Basket Gift Shop – NCCT

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Browse the wide selection of First Nations, Métis and Inuit handcrafted jewelry, carvings, basketry, beadwork, moccasins, original art as well as many more beautiful gift ideas. – Read More

Mark Seabrooke – Twin Ravens

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Mark Seabrook, a gifted Ojibwe artist, poet, writer, performer, and playwright is a recent addition to the Ottawa area artistic and spiritual community. Mark has a gift for depicting aspects of aboriginal culture and spirituality that extend beyond common stereotypes. His paintings usually include people and each figure is strewn with and surrounded by symbols that define who they are inside, as well as how they appear to the world. Both are important to Mark. – Read More

Sam Bighetty – CREE PAINTER

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Sam Bighetty is a woodland Cree from Pukatawagan First Nation, MB. He started drawing when he was 14 years old and has been painting since he was 20. He comes from a long line of family artists, and grew up watching other family members drawing and painting before trying it himself. His older brother Peter Bighetty recognized Sam’s talent with drawing and was instrumental in helping him learn to paint. – Read More

Candace Esquimaux – Candace’s Catering

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Aanii, My name is Nawatiin Kwe meaning Calm Water Woman and I am First Nations from Manitoulin Island. I am an Indigenous entrepreneur who has worked in the Indigenous community as a frontline worker over the last fifteen years. Candance’s Catering was born out of a lifelong passion for food and has become another way to serve my community. I have catered for work events, ceremonies and community events all throughout Toronto. – Read More

2021 Marketplace co-host – Chrystal Tabobandung

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RAISE – Indigenous cultural awareness & competency training is designed to increase knowledge, enhance self-awareness and strengthen the skills of those who work both directly and indirectly with First Nations/Aboriginal/Indigenous people. – Read More


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