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Jackie Esquimaux-Hamlin – Red Sky Candles

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Offering unique flavours of honey we have created a variety of infused honeys using cedar, sage, birch, cranberries and other herbs and spices. The beeswax candles and beeswax art themes are inspired by nature, seasonal celebrations and cross-cultural interests. – Read More

Deborah Aaron – Giizhigat Maple Products

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Both Deborah and Isaac’s families have been making maple syrup for generations. For us, it is not just about making maple syrup. The maple syrup is an avenue to provide an income so that Isaac can fulfil his vision to build Rainbow Thunder Star Mountain Teaching Lodge, a place where all colours of man can come to learn the teachings, learn how to reconnect to Mother Earth, and thereby learn about their true purpose in life, where we can learn how to become real human beings again. – Read More

Charles Catchpole – ChargerFoods

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I am an Anishinaabe chef originally from Couchiching First Nation but residing in Toronto. I produce and sell a line of unique hot sauces, preserves and salad dressings. – Read More

Candace Esquimaux – Candace’s Catering

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Aanii, My name is Nawatiin Kwe meaning Calm Water Woman and I am First Nations from Manitoulin Island. I am an Indigenous entrepreneur who has worked in the Indigenous community as a frontline worker over the last fifteen years. Candance’s Catering was born out of a lifelong passion for food and has become another way to serve my community. I have catered for work events, ceremonies and community events all throughout Toronto. – Read More

Michael Haitse – CHAGA DOG

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Conceived in Shebahonaning born in the GTA!! Just like the First Lady of Chaga Dog Miss Guinness. There are a lot of companies who have used the Chaga mushroom to benefit the health of Humans, but what about our Four Legged Family! CHAGA DOG! – Read More


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