Dodem Kanonhsa’

The Native Canadian Centre of Toronto (NCCT), in partnership with Indigenous Services Canada(ISC), welcomes you to the Dodem Kanonhsa’.



Now heading into its 21st year of operation Dodem Kanonhsa’ pronounced Doh-dem  Gah-noon-sah has forged a reputation for quality service, inclusiveness and community-oriented programming.


DODEM KANONHSA’ Indigenous Education and Cultural Facility is a learning and sharing facility which fosters greater acceptance, understanding and harmony between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.

DODEM is Anishinawbe (Ojibwe) word meaning ‘Clan’ and KANONHSA’ is Kenienkeha (Mohawk) word meaning ‘lodge’, and is transcribed in Cree syllabics .

The purpose of Dodem Kanonhsa’ is to promote sharing and understanding of Indigenous Peoples history, rights and culture. Dodem Kanonhsa’ educational and cultural awareness workshops and group sessions are open to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. The lodge allows us to continue the tradition, started by our Grandmothers and Grandfathers, of oral teachings. Our sessions are facilitated by respected Wisdom Keepers of various Indigenous Nations/Communities.


Following the Oka Crisis in 1990, Indigenous Services Canada sought ways to improve awareness on Indigenous Peoples history and culture. One solution was to build the Kumik Lodge, a cultural facility in the Department’s headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec that focused on traditional teachings provided by Indigenous wisdom keepers. Building on the success of the Kumik, the opportunity arrived to build a similar facility in ISC Ontario Regional Office in Toronto. Dodem Kanonhsa’ opened on September 21st, 1998.

Dodem Kanonhsa’ welcomes participants from all nations, ancestry and backgrounds.


Many well-known and respected teachers visit our lodge and continue to share their teachings and stories with our staff, and visitors. Dodem Kanonhsa’ hosts a variety of training sessions, circles and workshops. Please visit our website or call 416-952-9272 for a schedule of our events. Please note some sessions require registration. Due to capacity constraints groups must register before attending lodge events and receive confirmation.

Maria Montejo
Program Manager
Dodem Kanonhsa’ Indigenous Education and Cultural Facility

Dodem Kanonhsa’ (Clan Lodge)
655 Bay St, 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2K4

Phone: (416) 952-9272
Fax: (416) 952-9282

Fall 2020 Programming Schedule: 2020 Fall Online Events

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Dodem Kanonhsa’
C/O Indigenous Services Canada
655 Bay St. 7th Floor
Toronto, ON
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