Indigenize Our Minds Workshops

What is the Indigenize Our Minds Education Outreach Program (IOMEOP)?

The Indigenize Our Minds Education Outreach Program (IOMEOP) is a not for profit program committed to providing an Indigenous perspective to Indigenous history, culture and language in North America.

IOMEOP delivers the understanding of our First Nations, Inuit and Métis people by engaging our audience with cultural academic educators through experiential, interactive and holistic learning.

All of the presentations meet the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum and provides Indigenous Cultural Sensitivity training and customized presentations based on the requests of Organizations, Agencies & Businesses.

How long does a presentation last?

Presentations are approximately 60-90 minutes in length and can be adjusted to your schedule. Workshops can be designed to be delivered over a half and/or full day session.

Where do these presentations take place?

Two options are available:

The Native Canadian Centre of Toronto located at 16 Spadina Road (North of Bloor Street on West side of Spadina Road) and we can host your group of up to 120 people. There is a fee associated with renting a space and it is subject to availability. Please find rental information by clicking here.

We can present to your group at your location.

What is the cost of a Presentation?

Presentation fees are negotiated at the time of the booking: Mileage costs will apply for presentations outside the GTA. Payments can be made through Visa/MasterCard, cash (official receipt will be provided), debit and cheque. Contact Eric Johnston or by phone at 416-964-9087 x315 for availability and quotation.

Workshops Available


Learn why games are an integral part of Indigenous society, passed down from generation to generation and important for the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental development of the community members.


Learn the historical relationships between Indigenous peoples and the Canadian government, as reflected in specific treaties and agreements and the intent behind them.


Learn about the Anishinabe People, from their origin to their daily life to their historical relations.


Participants will describe past and present Indigenous political structure amongst the Ojibwa, Cree, Iroquois Confederacy, clan systems

Dreamcatcher Making & Teaching

Learn how to make a dreamcatcher and learn the story of how the dreamcatcher was gifted to the indigenous people.

Indigenous Innovations & Contributions to the World

From shampoo to democracy, learn about the inventions, food and famous people from Turtle Island


Learn about the “People of the Longhouse” who occupied much of modern day New York and southern Ontario. Topics also included are the Great Law of Peace, The Iroquois Confederacy and The Peacemaker.

Métis History

Participants will identify and explain similarities and differences in the goals and interests of various groups in New France, including French settlers, First Nation peoples, and both French and English fur traders.

Pow Wow Experience

Participants will learn the origin and movement of the various pow wow dance styles, through demonstration and participation, as well, as learn about the origin of the big drum.


What did social organization, spirituality and the geography look like for the more than 12,000 years before contact? Learn what life was like for the many nations living on Turtle Island before European contact.

Medicine Wheel Teachings

Participants will make meaningful connections between themselves the world around them and how we apply these teachings to daily living

SEVEN Grandfather Teachings

Participants will identify and compare the ways in which people in various early civilizations met their physical and social needs, including how they interacted with and use the natural environment.